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There's not much that I can't do for your accordion. I've been doing this for over 30 years. Take a look at the list on the left side. If it's not listed there please ask me about what you need done. I learned how to tune reeds from Leon Zukowski who tuned accordions for Accordion International for over 20 years. He tuned accordions the old school way and so do I. Stay away from anyone who uses a dremel grinder. He also taught me how to make the right blend of reed wax and refurbish valves. I have a back ground in wood and metal working. My dad and grandfather were wood cabinet builders. Of course I learned a lot from them and the machinery and tools they used. Oh yea ...I started playing accordion when I was 5 year old ...but that doesn't mean I am good at it, but it's funny how life can turn out and you end up back where you started and in my case with accordions. I'm not complaining. Accordion players are nice people and I am very thankful for that.

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• Electrical repairs, midi systems, keyboards, sound     modules and microphone systems

I have a lot of experiance with midi accordions. I started intstalling midi systems back in 1985. I've installed many Musictech midi systems and other custom systems. I now have my own custom programmable accordion midi system. I can install a custom mic system of my own, a Senheizer based system or an AMT kit which is the best out there. I can fix your sound module or keyboard too. I am and authorized Roland, Yamaha and Orla technician. I can repair most electronic accordions if they are not too old. Basically no electronic accordion that was made before 1980 is worth repairing. It won't stay working I guarentee you. Wires get old and britle and break when they are moved. Capasitors have about a 30 year life and there are many in some of the old Iorio B, C, and D accordions as well as Farfisa and Cordovox. I have a lot of Cordovox parts though if you really want one repaired. When I went to electronics school in 1966 it was at a time when tubes had just become obsolete, transisors were mainstream and integrated circuits were the new thing so I learned about all three. This back ground is what gives me an advantage over other electronics techs and together with my back ground in acoustic accordion repairs I am your all in one solution to getting your accordion system repaired.