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    • Guerrini with a Musictech System

    The Q-Select Musictech system has programmable presets and belows pressure volume controls.

    Guerrini Musictech image

    • IORIO H Series with a Musictech System

    This Iorio has all its original electronics removed and a black Lexsan plate attached to cover up the holes and provide mounting for the control panel.

    Iorio Musictech image

    • Musictech Music Maker and Q-Select System

    This system comes with the Q-Select control panel and a quality onboard sound card. The sound card is equivalant to that of the Iorio K series.

    Music Maker Musictech image

    • Q-Link System      • Simply Midi System      • Q-Link with Dynamics

    Iorio Musictech image

    The Q-Link and Simply Midi systems control panel has a sticky back to attach it to the accordion. The accordion must have a flat place to mount these systems. I can usually attach a black Lexsan plate to the accordion grill to mount the control panel. Look at the 7th picture on the left side to see a typical mounting of the control panel.

    Iorio Musictech image

    The Simply Midi system as you can see only has program up down and right hand on off functions.

    Iorio Musictech image

    The Q-Link Dynamic system except that the chord on off switching is replaced with a dynamics on off function which is the bellows pressure volume control.